Pricing Explained

Dynamic Sports Marketing January 27th, 2019

State of Origin Corporate Hospitality – Pricing 

Please note:

  • All Pricing unless stated otherwise is exclusive of GST.
  • Payments made by credit card are subject to 1.9% for Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not accept Diners.
  • EFT and Cheque payment options are available anyone who wishes to book a package and wants to avoid these fees, and as such are not included in prices quoted.
  • Catering is included for all dining functions (unless specifically stated otherwise).
  • Some Corporate Boxes and Corporate Suites are sold as facility only and do not include catering. Please note – catering for Corporate Boxes and Suites can be as high as $300 per person. Orders will be placed with the relevant catering company for each venue and may attract credit card fees.